Architectural Service

We offer a full range of architectural services from design development through to planning applications, construction advice and site inspections. We are flexible in our approach, prioritising client needs and working collaboratively to deliver the best results.

The following stages are based on the RIBA Plan of Works.
1. Initial Consultation Meeting (RIBA Stage 0)
This stage is about meeting and establishing whether we are a good fit for you and your project. To start the process, we offer a free site meeting. This is an opportunity to:
  • See your project and discuss your requirements.
  • Discuss survey options to accurately measure your property (this will be used at each stage of your project).
  • Discuss initial design parameters.
  • Discuss the planning application process.
  • Assess general structural implications / possibilities.
  • Outline the entire process and how we can work with you at each stage.
  • Discuss budget and time frames for each stage of your project. 
After this meeting, we will send you a fee proposal and a list of our services for each stage. To accept the fee proposal and go ahead, we ask that you write an email confirming the appointment (ideally accompanied by an overview of your initial brief). 
2. Design Development (RIBA Stage 1)
This stage is all about interpreting your requirements and getting your brief translated into drawings and often a virtual 3D computer model.
To start this process, drawings and photographs of the existing building are usually required. The best way of getting these drawings is by having a measured survey carried out (though this isn’t always appropriate). We will then develop the design - with feedback from you - with the aim of finalising a design.

Timescale: 1 - 2 months
3. Planning Application (RIBA Stage 2)
This stage is about getting planning approval. To achieve this, drawings and associated documents must be prepared for approval by the local authority. In addition to drawings, the additional documentation required for an application will vary depending on your specific project requirements; these we will discuss with you ahead of submission. The application process requires us to complete the following on your behalf:
  • Prepare required drawings
  • Complete the online application forms and supply various other core documents depending on the local authority
  • Pay the submission fee for the application - these will be added to your invoice for this stage of work
Some applications are more onerous an may require third party documents, for example:
  • Arboricultural assessment and method statement of you will affect trees
  • Heritage assessment - if you have a listed building
  • Flood risk assessment and mitigation plan if you are in an extreme flood zone
  • Bat survey
Particularly tricky or high-risk applications may benefit from the appointment of a planning consultant.

Once submitted, a full copy of the application will be emailed to you.

Timescale: Planning applications are usually registered within a week of receipt by your local authority and determined within 8 weeks of registration. Note: There is a risk of refusal for any planning application. Our fee proposal covers successful submission of documents only. Further work as a result of refusal or requests for additional information, for example, may attract further fee. We will always discuss this with you beforehand. 
4. Detailed Design and Tender (RIBA Stage 3&4)
This stage is about developing the details of your project and getting all the information together in preparation to build. If permission is granted by the local authority, this stage will prepare a detailed drawing package. This information will be used for pricing by potential contractors and ultimately to build the project. These architectural drawings will need to be accompanied by additional information. Typically, a Structural Engineer's specification and sometimes other specialists (e.g. kitchen supplier / designer).
Timescale: A detailed drawing package and specification take approx. 2 months to complete. The work must usually be completed in parallel to the Structural Engineer's package. 
Site (RIBA Stage 5&6)
At this stage, the project is passed over to the contractor for work on site. The circumstances of each build and client vary, an architect's “full service” (acting on your behalf as contract administrator) is not always appropriate for every job. We therefore offer a range of involvement levels to suit your individual requirements. We also appreciate that some clients are comfortable managing this process themselves.  We are happy to leave you to manage the build, or alternatively, we offer a light-touch advisory role on an agreed hourly rate basis.