It is a tragedy to me to have something 99% functional that for the want of just a little thing is rendered useless or, more annoying, inconvenient! A handle, say, on an oven door or a pan lid maybe –’ just until we get a new one’. As a result the odd ‘Heath Robinson’ solution may be employed. After 7 years of architectural training it is impossible to do anything without willful and conscious consideration. I have been rendered unable to simply ‘fix’ a pan lid, materials, finish, source of materials, symmetry, quality all have to be considered. It may come as a surprise when, after all that thought the solution seems so thoughtless. Believe me it took a lot of work to get there. I don’t mean work work of course, I mean tea drinking.

It seems I’m not the first to meet the same problem, you could write book about it and Charles Jencks has. He even gave a talk about adhocism at the AA last month- I missed it – probably for the best, but I may ask for the book for Xmas.