In Wells, Somerset, I had a ‘sublime’ experience. It was last weekend. A philosophical state of mind- Kant – I think – I’m not going to look it up. Sublime experiences – for me – seeing a spitfire fly over or the Vulcan bomber. In architecture it’s more subtle. The Barcelona Pavilion, Falling Water and John Lautner’s work in general. Much modern architecture strives for the sublime through simplicity, the work required to produce a simple building is, through an incredible effort and complexity, simply hidden from those who experience it. There is another way to the sublime – no less effort or expense is required – quite possibly more. It is through ‘bigness’ (real philosophical term honest!).

Wells Cathedral certainly has bigness but this weekend the source of the sublime – the cause of my imagination being pushed beyond its existing confines – was the Wells Carnival! I cannot remember being so surprised by the ‘bigness’ of a ‘thing’. I was told that the carnival was on, fine we can go and have a look. I cannot believe I didn’t know about this. It goes on every year.