Green roofs seem to be the latest thing in architecture, but I remember seeing grass roofs in Norway when I was little, not sedum either, grass, and those roofs have been used there and in many other places for ever- so how hard can it be?

1. Take one old shed
2. Remove the existing roof and replace with structurally upgraded roof to take the weight of the grass (
3. Use a pond-liner for waterproofing
4. Lay old carpet upside down over the roof
5. Lay turf over the roof- done – well not quite

All started well, but as one of the driest, hottest summers ever got underway keeping the grass watered was a real problem. The grass on the ridge started to die off as it dried out. Eventually, I added some soil with water retaining crystals mixed in and laid another strip of turf just along the ridge, this seems to have done the trick and the grass has gown well. So next time, I will add a 50mm layer of soil mixed with water absorbing crystals before the turf, thicker at the ridge- and I would be tempted to add some irrigation- just for convenience, getting a step-ladder and a hose out gets annoying after a while but that’s only required while the roots grow a bit.